Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week 2: Day 4: Military History, Leadership & Bugs

We started the morning at 0520 with PT formation.  After the formation our individual platoons did a quick warm-up.  Once the warm-up was completed we did a 30 minute formation run.

After the run we had a short break to get showers and get to class.  That meant no breakfast.  Make sure you always have some sort of snack in case you don't have time for a meal.

The classes started with military history.   This class was short so we ended up having a couple of hours to burn. Before lunch we had an excellent speaker who talked about leadership and integrity.  He did an awesome job.  Afterwards, if you wanted to eat lunch you had to go double time to walk there, eat and get back in 20 minutes.

After lunch we had a class on insects and what to expect in the field.  There was some very graphic pictures.

We also found out if you are late to any formation or class you will perform a work detail.  To many people are still showing up late.

Leadership positions will be rotating shortly.  To be in a leadership program you have to have passed your DAPFT.

Tomorrow will entail CBRNE training, plus a dental visit.

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