Saturday, March 26, 2011

End of Week 1: PowerPoint and DAPFT

Week 1 is in the books.  On Thursday we started at 0430 and ended at 1900.   Not much to talk about this day.  Just a bunch of PowerPoint presentations (tip if you get tired you can go to the back and stand, just don't fall asleep in class!) and about 2 hours of D&C (Drill & Ceremony).   They broke off the direct commissions (DC) from the prior service and ROTC.   The prior service and ROTC helped the DC's understand the basics of marching and formations.  This took about 2 hours.  We also did our first formation march to chow for lunch.  The first couple of days you will have about 20 minutes top for breakfast and lunch.  Eat quick.   It should get better though.

On Friday was our DAPFT.  All soldiers will take this test.  Even if you pass it, you have to take a record APFT  on April 8.   If you fail the record APFT, you will have one more chance to pass it towards the end of the course.  If you are active duty and you fail it, you get held over until you pass it.  If you were suppose to go overseas, forget about it now.  Your orders will change to a CONUS location.  If you are a reservist/guard and don't pass it, you still get sent home to your unit.  You will be marked as failing to complete the course (this is a change from the past).  You will not be deployable until you pass the APFT at your home unit.  Once you pass it there, you can then apply for constructive credit for BOLC through your S1.   The point being it is better to pass it at BOLC, then screwing around with the other stuff later.

After the DAPFT we had more presentations.  We also went through finance.  Reservist/Guard break off from active duty for this.  This will start the process for you to get paid.   The rest of the day was just boring PowerPoint presentations.  Around 1400 they released the list of the DAPFT scores.  You can't see anyones name, but it gives you an idea how the class did.  About 50% passed the diagnostic.  So a lot of people have work to do.  We will have our first PT session on Monday.

We also found out people without cars will be transferred to the on base hotel.  The ones with cars will stay for now.  We are all supposed to move to the post, but you know how that goes.  I would like to move back on post so I can take a shower after PT.  You aren't given much time in between PT and your next class (you have to be ACU's for the classes).

Several people have also begun the process of getting their ASU together.  Major tip, get that stuff ready BEFORE you come to BOLC.  Just makes your life easier and one less thing to do.

Today each PSG (platoon SGT) assigned an S1.  They will take care of all of the administrative paperwork.

We are now off for the weekend.  Time to sleep and relax and wait for week 2 to begin.  We start Monday at 0530 with PT.

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