Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 2: Day 3: Real Classes Begin

This morning started out with PT formation at 5:20.  Again more people can't seem to come to formation on time.  You would think they would get it by now.

Some of us went to optometry, while the others had 1 hour of PT.  At optometry it went real quick.  Just a quick eye exam and everything was done.  Very efficiently run.

After the eye exam, we headed over to the brief by a LTC leading AMEDD school.  There were a couple more briefs then lunch.  After lunch we started our first real classes.  It was nice to move into our real classes.  They focused on communication, writing and briefs.  There will be a 15 page paper due at the course to go along with several exams.  You must score 70% on every exam to pass the class.

We also found out the leadership will be changing at the end of this week or next.   This means I will be moved up to squad leader when the change occurs.

After classes it was time for chow, then a workout since I didn't do PT in them morning.   Tomorrow is another full day of classes.

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