Monday, March 7, 2011

New Army PT Test (APRT)

Well there is going to be a new Army PT test coming in October 2011. This new test is now called the APRT.   It won't affect me for BOLC.

After reading about it, I like it.  You have to be athletic.

  • 60 Yard Shuttle Run (run 5 yards pick up a block go back to the start, then 10 yd, then 15)
  • 1 Minute of push ups
  • 1 Minute of rowers (ab workout that is much tougher than situps)
  • Standing long jump
  • 1.5 mile run
I am not going to miss the 2 mile run.  The real kicker is this is going to be gender neutral test.  Either the brass will have to lower the standard where it is easier for men or keep it higher and be tougher on the women.  Here is an example.  Several of us practiced the standing long jump.  Most men could jump 6ft to 8ft.  Women could only jump 5ft to 6ft.  If they make the minimum 6ft, that would be tough for women to hit, but real easy for men.

Another huge change will affect profiles. The alternate events for the run (swim and bike) have been eliminated.  The only valid profile is the walk.  The Army finally has decided if you can't walk, you don't need to be in the Army.  

They say the scoring should be out by July/August.  Just in time for the new October fiscal year. 

There will also be a combat fitness test.  This test includes wearing all gear and carrying a M16.  You will have to sprint, carry ammo cans, go over balance beams, drag 180lb weight and more.  I think this one will not be required for the reserves.  There is no way they will be able to get any of this equipment and  many are just to far away from bases to send an entire unit on a drill day.  In the end this will probably be a requirement for active duty soldiers (once a year), but only a requirement for reservist (including AGR) during pre-deployment. 

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