Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 2: Day 1 CIF Issue

The morning started at 0530 with PT.  It was cool this morning with the temperature at 54 degrees and windy.  We had to wear our summer IPFU so it was chilly.   The PT started with formations and then stretching.  Then the students who failed the APFT run/situp had to go with the company 1SG and do a special PT.  The rest of us had to do PT stations (situps, flutter kicks, push-ups, wide arm pu and burpees).   This lasted for about 35 minutes.

After PT it was time for chow.  Breakfast is usually decent at the DFAC.   After breakfast we had to report to the CIF for equipment.  This process is pretty simple.  You go in alphabetical order, 2 at a time.  There are several stations.  Once done you go out and check your equipment.  Make sure nothing is broken or written on, otherwise you are the proud new owner of that equipment.  Which means you have to pay to replace it.

After CIF, we had a couple hours off and then had lunch.  After lunch we had a briefing on sexual assault.  Once that was completed, we were suppose to have the EO/POSH briefing, but that instructor never showed up.  That meant we got to watch a movie for a bit over an hour.  After the movie we had the CO give a ODP on officer promotions and career paths.

After the briefings the day was done and it was chow time again for dinner.

Tomorrow starts with PT again at 0530 for 1 hour for most, while some have dental.  Time to head to bed and get ready for another day at FSH.

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