Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome to San Antonio!

I have made it to San Antonio.  I am staying at a hotel just outside the downtown city limits.  It is March and it is already warm and humid.  I guess this is probably the best weather we will get.

Tomorrow I will be going through in-processing.  To check in you can wear civilian clothes, but they recommend the PT uniform (for height/weight) since you have to change into it anyways to in-process.

I had my PT uniform packed way to deep in my luggage.  What a pain to pull out, lol.

I am ready for tomorrow to come so I can get this adventure started.  I will probably leave the hotel around 8:30am.  This way I can report to lodging and then start the BOLC in-processing.  You must bring 1 copy of your orders, your ID card/CAC card or Driver's License and a pen.

The last email we received from BOLC said most of us would be staying in a hotel off post.  I guess we will see what happens with that.

We were also told within the first 72 hours their will be a PT test.  Situps, push-ups no problem.  Run, uggh.  Been working my butt off to increase my speed.  I can do long slow distance running.  The speed running is what gets me.   Really hope the interval running paid off!!!

There are also many changes for BOLC being implemented in our class.  They told us to exercise patience due to those changes.

Still have to figure what I am going to do for dinner.

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