Saturday, April 16, 2011

End of Week 4: Mid-Terms

Week 4 is in the books.  

Monday we had morning PT at 0520.  This day consisted of classes all day.  I can't wait for the FTX to get a change of pace.

Tuesday there was no PT for direct commissions since they had a mini SRP (blood draw and immunizations).  We got there at 0650. The network was down (hurry up and wait) so we didn't finish this until 1230.   We had a finance meeting in the afternoon (basically felt like a sales pitch for this financial advisor) and a mid-term review which was worthless.

Wednesday we had no PT.  We had our land navigation class in the morning and were released at 1050 (other platoons weren't so lucky).  This was nice because it gave our platoon a bunch of time to study for the mid-term. A doctor in our platoon put together a really good study guide for our platoon.  It saved all of us a bunch of time and let us begin the memorization game earlier.

Thursday started with PT at 0520.  We ran for 3 miles and then did seven minutes of push-ups/sit-ups without any breaks.  After PT we had our mid-term exams.  No one in our platoon failed, but there were several failures from other platoons.  You have to get at least 70% on the exam to pass.  If you fail, you will have one more retest at the end of BOLC.  You have to pass the test to graduate.  Once the exams were over, it was back to death by PowerPoint.  We finished up the day at about 1800.

Friday was basically a day off due to the battle of the flowers.  It was a perfect day for a little R&R.

This weekend a bunch of us are going to Big Lou's to enjoy a 42" pizza (as featured on man vs food).   Next week includes last week of classes (YES!!!), CBRNE exam, record APFT and final exam review.

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