Sunday, April 10, 2011

End of Week 3: Class Time

Been busy this week so it has been hard to find a time to blog.

This week continued PT and class time.  We had a lighter week of PT due to the record APFT on Friday.  The typical PT days were 0520 to 1700.  The other days are 0650 to 1700.   When you hear 0650 everybody is like "We get to sleep in!", sad huh.

Monday was JAG all day.  Learning the basic of UCMJ.  The speaker was a LTC who was the advisor to the General.  He did a good job keeping a boring subject interesting.

Tuesday we broke into our platoons and began classes just with your platoons.  We got to meet several of our civilian instructors (the same ones who will be with us at Camp Bullis in a couple weeks).  It was more PowerPoints, but the teaching was better so it wasn't terrible.  This continued all week.

On Friday was the record APFT.  The best part was that we had 2 hours of downtime after the test.  It was nice to relax for once.   We finished up the week with more class time.

This weekend will consist of studying for the mid-term exam next week and preparing a 10 to 20 minute class presentation.  Then back at on Monday at 0420 for a blood draw.

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