Monday, July 4, 2011

Two Week Track for 70B

For the final two weeks you will be separated into your specific tracks.  For me that was the 70B track.  This track is mainly made up of 70B reservist with just a few active duty mixed in.

The first week you go through MDMP (military decision making process).  You will go through an entire week creating a mock war planning exercise.  The week culminates in giving a presentation to the LTC of your plan.

The second week is the final week of BOLC.  This week you will enjoy a trip back to Camp Bullis for one day.  You will go back through the convoy simulator (1/2 day), the other half is going over inventory and maintenance.

The rest of the week is geared towards miscellaneous classes. 

That just about does it.  Once you are finished with the track you are officially a 70B.  Congrats!


  1. Thanks for putting this together. I'm headed there next week. As a prior service it seems like there is a lot of training I've already gone through. Looking forward to the heat!

  2. For prior service, that is correct. Most of this will be stuff you already know. The Cadre leans on the prior service heavily to help out the direct commission officers.

  3. Were there any holidays during your 8 weeks? I'm trying to find out if my husband will be home for Thanksgiving this year! :)

    Thanks for all the great insight into what he'll be doing while he's gone.

  4. There were no holidays during the 8 weeks. But if you do get one he will be off during that time. He will need a pass to get home if it is outside of 50 miles from San Antonio,