Sunday, May 8, 2011

End of Week 6: FTX M16 and WLT Training

We just finished up our second week in the field at Camp Bullis.  Here is an overview over the past couple weeks.

Week 6 (No PT this week)

Monday was the day to pick up our M16, blank firing adapter and 3 point sling.  The sling was a real pain to put together. Most of the time I just hang it on my molly vest by a clip.  It took about 2 hours to get our weapons while we enjoyed standing on black pavement in 100 degree heat.  Once we all got our weapons we marched over to our hotel.  Once there we integrated with the short course personnel.  Our platoon gained about 20 new soldiers.  We then boarded a hot bus and began our FTX journey to Camp Bullis.   Once we got to Bullis we unloaded and already found out we had a heat casualty on the bus who was sent back to BAMC (hospital).  Remember you must drink water here often.  We were assigned our tents separated by males and females.  You get to sleep on a small cot, but the tents do have AC and heat.  The AC came in real handy.  We got to enjoy our first MRE's for dinner.  Typically you get a hot breakfast and dinner, while lunch is always MRE's.

We spent Tuesday zeroing the M16.  This takes 10 minutes, but in Army fashion you want 10 hours for those 10 minutes.

Wednesday we focused on land nav.  You first were taught how to gauge your pace count (day only).  Then you went with the cadre and practice finding a few points.

Thursday was WLT training.  These tasks are M16 and M9 disassemble, reassemble, safety and functions check.  Radio operation disassemble, reassemble and check.  9 line MEDIVAC request.  We rotated stations practicing each of these skills.  You have 4 minutes for the M16, 2 minutes for the M9.  The radio and 9 line is 5 minutes.   You will either get a go/no-go on each event when tested next week.

Friday we were told we were going to qualify with the M16.  This isn't really true.  You do go to the qualifying range, but no body even ties a score to a name.  So you don't really qualify.  It is more of a practice.  Once done here we turned in our weapons and headed back to the hotel at FSH

Key Notes:

Bring Baby Wipes
You get showers once a week (rotated by platoons)
Bring zip lock bags for your clothes
Don't bring everything on the packing list
Bring a pillow from your hotel
Don't ever leave your M16.  You take it everywhere including the latrines.
Bring a camera to take pictures.

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