Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Orders Received

I just got orders to head to BOLC on March 23, 2011.  I heard from other people in my reserve unit that it will be a blast.  I am going to the long course for the Army Reserves since my MOS is 70B, instead of the short course like other AMEDD reserve officers.  Looking forward to it.

I have most of my uniform items all ready purchased since I have been drilling since July 2010.  Not much to do on that end.  Just some odds and ends.

The main thing I need to work on before BOLC is my run for the APFT.  I am not a runner by trade, so I have been working hard on this.  I already passed the APFT in October during drill, but my run time cut it close.   I am running every other day outside currently. 

Tip:  Make sure for the run portion of the APFT, you are preparing for it by running OUTSIDE!  Don't run on a treadmill.  This will not simulate the right leg muscle groups.  Otherwise you will be really sore and you will be shocked your APFT run time didn't match your treadmill time.

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